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At Protective Fabrications we believe that every customer deserves not only respect but to also get the expected level of value in what they pay for. We take great pride in this belief and thus we have been servicing our customers for over 25 years.

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Providers of full service Fabric & Steel Fabrication, Agricultural, Horticultural & Industrial Buildings

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At Protective Fabrications we pride ourselves on the quallity of our materials and skillful workmanship. With over 25 Years experience we have done it all and this knowledge shines through in products we deliver.

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Providers of full service Fabric & Steel Fabrication, Agricultural, Horticultural & Industrial Buildings

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Keep your facility running smoothly!

Poultry is not just about chickens. Protective Fabrications provide a full range of services and equipment to help you run and maintain your facility. With our 25 years experience you know you will get the best service and quallity, everytime!

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Providers of full service Fabric & Steel Fabrication, Agricultural, Horticultural & Industrial Buildings

SKA Avio Communal nesting System

SKA communal Roll away nests

AVIO is an automatic nest that is designed for both breeders and commercial layers.

The Avio nest is avaiable in 500mm depth and 300mm depth. It is also availavble as a Single tier or Double tier.

These nest boxes give the hens a comfortable environment in which to lay their eggs.

The nest does not damage the eggs but keeps them safe and clean.

The automatic collection system has two main advantages: less labour requirement ans less floor eggs.

The versatility of the AVIO nest allows it to be positioned back to back along the poultry house. Whereever necessary spaces can left between the nests to allow for the natural circulation of the birds. Hens can enter through either side of each block of nest. Eggs are laid onto a special synthetic pad and roll gently into a central collecting channel.

Each nest floor has a galvanised wire mesh and a perforated Astroturf mat, both of which can be easily removed for cleaning.

The belt speed can be adjusted electronically in accordance with the number of eggs it is transporting.

A series of holes in the collecting belt discharge any dirt and ensure that the eggs do not roll during collection.


SKA convoy

Egg centralisation system that, through a series of polypropylene crossbars hooked to a chain, allows the transportation of eggs taking over slopes in both directions (ascent and descent) without breaking them.
The principle allowing the eggs to get over such slopes without rolling them down is based on the co-operation between the crossbars. The curves have a minimum radius in relation to the width of the equipment reducing the overall dimensions.
CONVOY system is easily adaptable to existing equipment and allows the integration and synchronisation of the eggs collection.

CONVOY egg centralisation system is designed to transport 20,000 eggs per hour at a speed of 6 m/min. A very versatile system that, thanks to curves, straight elements and hinged elements, can cover various lengths, overcoming different slopes.
The entire system can be mounted on support legs or columns, can be hung completely or partially underground, if necessary.